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Order of review - Universal Periodic Review in 2008

1st UPR Cycle (2008)

As selected by drawing of lots on 21 September 2007 during the 12th meeting of the 6th session of the Human Rights Council, the order of review of countries within the UPR for the 2008 cycle will be as follows:

1st session of the UPR 2nd session of the UPR 3rd session of the UPR
7-18 April 2008 5-16 May 2008 1-12 December 2008
1 Bahrain Gabon Botswana
2 Ecuador Ghana Bahamas
3 Tunisia Peru Burundi
4 Morocco Guatemala Luxembourg
5 Indonesia Benin Barbados
6 Finland Republic of Korea Montenegro
7 United Kingdom Switzerland United Arab Emirates
8 India Pakistan Israel
9 Brazil Zambia Liechtenstein
10 Philippines Japan Serbia
11 Algeria Ukraine Turkmenistan
12 Poland Sri Lanka Burkina Faso
13 Netherland France Cape Verde
14 South Africa Tonga Colombia
15 Czech Republic Romania Uzbekistan
16 Argentina Mali Tuvalu

Overview of States to be reviewed from 2008 to 2011 (Source: OHCHR):

Background information on NGO participation in the UPR

Based on HRC Resolution 5/1, NGOs can formally participate in the universal periodic review through various processes:

  • Contributing to the preparation of the initial information on which the review would be based, including by:

- monitoring the preparation of the information by the State concerned, which can take the form of a national report not exceeding 20 pages, and engaging in the broad consultation process at the national level with all relevant stakeholders, as encouraged by HRC Resolution 5/1;
- providing any additional, credible and reliable information to the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, which will be compiled by the OHCHR in a document not exceeding 10 pages.

  • NGOs, together with other relevant stakeholders, can attend the interactive dialogue review in the working group.
  • NGOs, together with other relevant stakeholders, will have the opportunity to make general comments before the adoption of the outcome by the Plenary.
  • As appropriate, NGOs and other relevant stakeholders could contribute to the implementation of the outcome of the review, defined by HRC Resolution as a cooperative mechanism to be primarily implemented by the State concerned.

Informally, NGOs would have opportunities to create additional spaces for interaction with the State concerned, Member States and non Member States of the Council, Rapporteurs, etc.

NGO submissions for the summary of other stakeholders' information

As provided, by HRC Resolution 5/1, "Additional, credible and reliable information provided by other relevant stakeholders to the universal periodic review which should also be taken into consideration by the Council in the review. The Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights will prepare a summary of such information which shall not exceed 10 pages".

NGO submissions on the countries to be reviewed in April 2008 should be received by the OHCHR no later than 20 November 2007. The OHCHR Secretariat encourages NGOs to limit their submission to a 5-page document.


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