The NGO@UPR wiki is a provisional online collaborative tool to support NGO cooperation and burden sharing in their submissions to the OHCHR summary of other relevant stakeholders' inputs.

IMPORTANT NOTE: editing the wiki is password protected, but the content of the wiki is publicly visible at this time. When editing the wiki content, be extremely cautious about any security and privacy concern.

Do not post any information not emanating from your own organisation. For any concern, please notify the Wiki-Admin.


The Universal Periodic Review mechanism is one of the main new features of the UN Human Rights Council, designed to review the fulfilment by each country of its human rights obligations. NGOs can participate and contribute in various ways in the UPR, including through submitting credible and reliable information, to be summarized by the OHCHR in a 10-page document. This summary will be one of the three documents on which the the review of each country would be based. This website is meant to help NGOs to better strategize and exchange information to strengthen their input in the review.

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